How long do magic mushrooms last ?

how long do magic mushrooms last

Magic mushrooms, like psilocybinsemilanceata, typically last 4-6 hours when ingested in quantities of 20-30 mushrooms, inducing hallucinogenic effects similar to LSD, as per the research paper.

Magic mushrooms, containing psilocybin, can last for different durations based on various contexts. Psilocybin has therapeutic potential for mental health disorders, with effects lasting 6 to 12 months after a single or low dosage, contrasting with conventional antidepressants.

The effects of magic mushrooms on the brain have been a subject of scientific inquiry, particularly focusing on their potential for causing both beneficial cognitive effects and adverse neurological reactions.

Key Insights from Research Papers

  • Cognitive and Motor Function Benefits: Dietary supplementation with non-hallucinogenic mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) has been shown to improve balance and working memory in aged rats, suggesting potential cognitive and motor function benefits from mushrooms in the diet1.
  • Psychoactive Effects and Toxicity: Hallucinogenic mushrooms, which contain psilocybin, can rapidly affect the central nervous system, leading to ataxia, hyperkinesis, and hallucinations within 0.5-1 hour after ingestion2.
  • Adverse Neurological Reactions: There have been reports of multifocal cerebral demyelination following the abuse of magic mushrooms, indicating serious adverse neurological effects that can occur with their use3.


Research indicates that while certain types of mushrooms can have beneficial effects on cognitive and motor functions, hallucinogenic mushrooms containing psilocybin can lead to rapid psychoactive effects and potentially severe neurological consequences. The duration of these effects can vary, with psychoactive impacts occurring quickly after ingestion, but the long-term neurological implications, such as demyelination, may persist beyond the immediate period following consumption.


Papers (10) Insights
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31 Dec 2022The Meducator

Magic mushrooms’ therapeutic effects can last 6 to 12 months after a single or low dosage, compared to conventional antidepressants requiring longer treatment periods for similar outcomes.

The quick-frozen wild edible mushroom in the study has a long storage time of 6-12 months, indicating that magic mushrooms can last for a similar duration under proper conditions.

07 Jan 1997
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The processed mushrooms last 30 days at 0-5 deg.C, 10 days at 5-12 deg.C, and 7 days at 12-20 deg.C. Shelf-life varies based on temperature conditions.

Magic mushrooms’ effects typically last up to 24 hours, with most users returning to normality within this timeframe after experiencing adverse reactions resulting in emergency medical treatment seeking.

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12 Nov 2022

Not addressed in the paper.


Magic mushrooms, like psilocybin, can have rapid effects on treatment-resistant mental disorders, potentially offering a single-dose model for robust effects, as suggested in the paper.

Journal ArticleDOI 
31 May 1945Nature
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