Personal Tales About Ketamine’s Healing Powers

Personal Tales About Ketamine’s Healing Powers - Buy Psychedelics Canada

Depression is draining and weakening, especially when your only respite comes from drugs that work for only a few hours. People battling with chronic depression usually depend on an extensive regimen of drugs with many adverse effects, oblivious of the numerous alternative medical options available. On the other hand, some have heard of alternatives such as ketamine therapy but do not believe it works. And we cannot blame them for it. Ketamine, like many psychedelics, has a reputation for being a party drug and tranquilizer. Therefore, it will be hard for most people to believe that such substances can be more effective than medically administered antidepressants.

While ketamine is not a magic solution to all types and forms of mental health issues, it does work for depression. In this article, we review the personal accounts of two people who previously did not believe that psychedelics could help treat depression until they found themselves using them with the aid of trained professionals to treat depression.

Personal Tales About Ketamine’s Healing Powers - Buy Psychedelics Canada

Using Ketamine Therapy to Dispel Fears

When August Tarrier went into the Ketamine clinic, she was unlike other patients. She had not been using conventional antidepressants. Instead, she had relied on microdoses of psilocybin and DMT to help her neural networks fashion a way out of depression. However, a recent breakup and the fears that she is leaving her productive years into a period where she was meant to decline had held her down.

Despite having previous experience with psychedelics, August was skeptical and had her fears concerning the ketamine therapy session. When she went for the ketamine therapy session, her main fear was that she might lose her sense of control during the ketamine sessions. However, the clinic had informative videos that helped her calm down and prepared for the experience. She was already at ease and comfortable when the first session started.

She started noticing the effects of the therapy session after the first session. She realized that instead of giving into the feeling of despair and other fear-based perceptions that she used to have, she was able to create a new line of thought when these perceptions arose. She also started feeling differently about her breakup. Rather than see herself as a failure and blame herself for the breakup, she took a comparative look at the two parties involved in the relationship, she and her ex, and their roles.

By the time she had undergone four enlightening ketamine therapy sessions and integration therapy sessions, the realization that she was in control of her life and love started to dawn on her. She started to understand that nothing could diminish her love and relevance despite her age and relationship status. With the help of the ketamine sessions, she resolved her fears about memory loss and the weakening nature of an older adult in today’s world.

A Journey to Heal Your Soul

Caroline Malloy had used several types of antidepressants and had suffered relapses for years before making her way to the ketamine clinic. She was not even sure about the efficacy of the psychedelic approach. She only decided to try it because it is legal, and the conventional option has failed. However, during the meeting with her guide, she was reassured and opened her mind to experience the healing promised.

As the first therapy session progressed, she started to feel a sense of peacefulness rush over her. She soon started seeing some mild visuals combined with a sense of disconnection from her body. During the sessions, she started noticing suppressed and repressed emotional baggage coming up, and she knew she had to address them.

By the time she was done with four sessions, she had started to feel lighter in her physical body. This means that some of the emotional baggage that weighed her down from the past had gone. She also started to control her thoughts without them spiraling out of control.

As far as Caroline was concerned, the ketamine session worked, but it was not the only thing that helped her. She believed that talking to her guide about her goals before the sessions and evaluating the experience after the sessions even helped her more.


August and Caroline are just two of the numerous people facing mental health issues worldwide. However, their stories reinstate the hope that many news out of the mental health society lacks today. As much as ketamine therapy is not a one-fits-all solution, it is safe, legal, and effective, especially when combined with integration therapy. 

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