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Treating PTSD with Ecstasy

Treating PTSD with Ecstasy - Buy Psychedelics Canada

Defining PTSD PTSD, which is an acronym for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a mental disorder that is triggered by past traumatic events that an individual has experienced. For people that suffer from PTSD, the main symptom is the recurring images or flashbacks from the traumatic event. Due to the distress and trauma caused by […]

The Similarities and Differences between MDMA and

The Similarities and Differences between MDMA and - Buy Psychedelics Canada

MDA A lot of people mistake MDA and MDMA for each other, and this mistake is quite understandable. This is because the two substances share lots of similarities and the differences between these are not that pronounced. The two substances share many similarities, from the chemical name to physical features. Given the scientific name 3,4 […]

The MDMA Experience

The MDMA Experience - Buy Psychedelics Canada

MDMA, 3,4 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, goes by different names. From E to Molly, ecstasy and pills, MDMA is the real deal regarding psychedelics. While the intense psychedelic benefits of MDMA are lost to people who use the substance as a party drug, you cannot afford to miss out on its benefits as a psychedelic. While the average […]

Six Integration Options for Ketamine Therapy

Six Integration Options for Ketamine Therapy - Buy Psychedelics Canada

First, it is important to mention that ketamine is not like conventional psychedelics. It does not give you the same high that you get with other psychedelics. Instead, you might feel separate from your body, and your limbs get numb. You might also relive an experience or start seeing geometric patterns more clearly. Finally, you […]

A Review of Mindbloom’s Ketamine Therapy

A Review of Mindbloom’s Ketamine Therapy - Buy Psychedelics Canada

With the outbreak of coronavirus and the advent of telemedicine, a regulation regarding the usage and administration of controlled substances was also issued. This regulation has made it possible for Mindbloom, a ketamine clinic, to administer ketamine for ketamine therapy through telemedicine. Mindbloom has been working on remote ketamine therapy sessions since 2019. This was […]

Can Ketamine Therapy Treat Depression

Can Ketamine Therapy Treat Depression - Buy Psychedelics Canada

Ketamine therapy is one of the leading psychedelic treatment options available in the world today, as we have seen ketamine clinics opening in many countries such as the UK, the US, and Canada. As much as there are controversies surrounding psychedelic therapies, the evidence that it helps with mental health issues has continued to grow. […]

Microdosing MDMA

Microdosing MDMA - Buy Psychedelics Canada

The revolution of MDMA was televised. The drug had turned from a party/rave drug to a wonder therapy drug with the ability to treat PTSD, depression, and other mental health issues. There are also indications that the substance can help with social anxiety and help you communicate very well. People who use it as a […]

Personal Tales About Ketamine’s Healing Powers

Personal Tales About Ketamine’s Healing Powers - Buy Psychedelics Canada

Depression is draining and weakening, especially when your only respite comes from drugs that work for only a few hours. People battling with chronic depression usually depend on an extensive regimen of drugs with many adverse effects, oblivious of the numerous alternative medical options available. On the other hand, some have heard of alternatives such […]