The MDMA Experience

The MDMA Experience - Buy Psychedelics Canada

MDMA, 3,4 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, goes by different names. From E to Molly, ecstasy and pills, MDMA is the real deal regarding psychedelics. While the intense psychedelic benefits of MDMA are lost to people who use the substance as a party drug, you cannot afford to miss out on its benefits as a psychedelic. While the average person takes MDMA to enjoy music and socialize in concerts and raves, a psychedelic uses the same substance to enjoy a tripping experience that you would normally get with ayahuasca, psilocybin and LSD. This is because MDMA has significant psychedelic properties and can help with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues, provide profound insights on issues, and help treat trauma. There are also indicators that MDMA could help treat PTSD, providing a solution to a mental health issue that has plagued war veterans and other vulnerable groups.

Origin of MDMA

MDMA doesn’t occur naturally. It is a chemical substance synthesized in the laboratory. Thus, you cannot grow the substance as you do with other psychedelics like psilocybin mushrooms. MDMA comes from the laboratory, which could be legal or illegal.

There is a lot of bad press associated with MDMA. This is due to the unreliability of its sourcing. Whenever you have MDMA in your hands, there is no telling which laboratory it came from. There are also many stories about the substance’s side effects as a result of toxic lacing. Even in its purest form, the substance has more toxicity than LSD at the same purity level.

You must understand the risks involved with using MDMA and plan to avoid them if you need MDMA. The first step is relying on testing kits from legitimate manufacturers who can help you identify the presence of impurities in the MDMA. While this may not necessarily ensure the total safety of the substance, you can avoid using MDMA laced with fatal poisons like PMA and PMMA.

The MDMA Experience - Buy Psychedelics Canada

Preparing for MDMA Experience

If you plan on using MDMA, you should also plan what to do during the experience. As you have not used it before, it is best to be in a safe space with enough support if your body reacts differently.

Therefore, be it a party, rave, concert or quiet time at home, you need to have friends and loved ones around when using MDMA. The substance is a social drug; you may find the conversations and connections made while on the drug very interesting. The substance also makes you want to do something or participate in an activity. Therefore, the lack of activity or conversations while on MDMA can make you restless and uncomfortable.

Lastly, you may want a bottle of water handy for hydration, especially if you are dancing. This is because the substance affects the ability of the human body to regulate water. Thus, it is up to you to ensure that your body has enough hydration and intake of electrolytes.

How to Use MDMA

MDMA is sold in three different forms: capsules, powder or crystals and tablets. The type you get depends on your location and the type of manufacturer. Also, you get to decide how much of the substance you take regarding dosage. Remember to take a dose you are comfortable with, as there are no rules against taking less.

People use MDMA in three ways. You can either snort it (powder), dissolve it in water (tablets) or use it orally (capsule). The most commonly used method is oral ingestion, made popular by the MDMA crystals in bags, known as Molly, or the pressed MDMA pill, known as Ecstacy.

Of these three modes of administration, the snorting option allows for faster onset as the nasal membrane is porous and allows easy absorption of the substance into the blood vessels. However, before snorting, you need to crush the substance into a fine powdery form. While it allows for a fast onset, the effect is short-lived, and you may experience increased cases of wanting to redose frequently. Another disadvantage of snorting is that it irritates the nasal membrane and causes nose bleeding. The nose bleeding can lead to complications if the snorting is done frequently.

Another popular method is dissolving the substance in water or drinks, especially if you are trying to get the substance within a public gathering. However, this method has a drawback, and that is the bitter taste of MDMA. Therefore, if you are averse to taking bitter drinks, you may not enjoy dissolving MDMA in liquid.

The method of usage adopted depends on the user’s preference after weighing the pros and cons.

Safe Dosage

The range of recreational doses for MDMA is between 80mg and 150mg. If unsure what dosage is perfect for you; it is advisable to calculate 1.5 or 1.7mg per your bodyweight in kilograms. The rule with this method is that you must not exceed the 150mg mark. This way, you get to avoid overdosing.

However, it isn’t easy to know the dosage of an ecstasy pill. Thus, in this case, the best advice is to start slow. This is because some ecstasy pills contain more MDMA content than the therapeutic dosage, and an overdose of MDMA can result in death.

Explaining the MDMA Experience

The Onset

After ingesting MDMA, it is normal to feel discomfort before the substance’s effect kicks in. it usually starts with a feeling of knots in your stomach, a sense of clamminess, uneasiness and anxiety. This leads to the onset, which happens gradually between 20 to forty minutes. You may start feeling that your senses are heightened, which is different from hallucinations.

Your ears work better as you hear sounds more clearly and sharply, colours become more vibrant, your touch feels more intense and sensitive, and if music is playing, you get immersed in the sound, creating a mesmerizing effect. It is also possible to experience some nausea in your stomach, but this dissipates easily.

It is vital to mention that you should never rush to feel the effects of MDMA. Some people believe that they have been given a fake substance if they do not start feeling the effects of the drug almost immediately. The best practice is to wait for at least an hour before deciding to add another dose of the substance. You also need to be careful with taking additional dosage when you feel that the onset is taking too long. Taking too much additional dosage can have serious health risks and can cause psychologically and emotionally overwhelming effects.

If you have taken a full dosage (150mg) and you do not feel anything, it is advisable to try another time again and from another source. But do not take additional dosage.

The Peaking and Tripping Experience

The estimated time frame before the arrival of the peak is usually an hour or two after the ingestion of MDMA, and this usually depends on the user. Apart from the enhanced senses, the peak of MDMA also comes with increased intensity of connection felt towards people around you. You may also experience an increased sense of ease and well-being. All the frustrations you normally feel during an inner dialogue with yourself start to peel away. This leads to a very meaningful interaction inspired by an intense sense of connection and devoid of mental baggage.

Essentially, MDMA helps with social anxiety, which is why it is very popular in social circles and at events such as parties, concerts and raves. It provides a type of social openness that is hard to reciprocate naturally.

Another signal of MDMA peaking is increased energy. This energy boost is usually because of caffeine and other stimulants in the ecstasy pill. Even in its purest form, MDMA causes hyperactivity which is why it is not uncommon to see users grind their teeth, clench their jaw or fiddle with objects in their hands. Although, fiddling with objects could also be a result of the increased sense of touch, which feels so good that people cannot wait to touch things around them while on MDMA.

However, you should try to minimize this occurrence, as it could result in soreness and discomfort after some time. The MDMA peak lasts about three to five hours, depending on the person and the dosage.

The Comedown

The comedown refers to the period during which the effect of the substance starts waning away. Again, the mode of comedown differs from person to person depending on the quality of MDMA taken, the dosage, and the purity of the MDMA. The comedown from MDMA used with alcohol or any other substance is usually nasty and unpleasant.

When the MDMA taken is pure, the comedown is usually easy and light. There would be a gradual dissolution of the excitement and the social openness felt at the peak of the experience. Sometimes, the effects of the substance may linger for some time before finally dissipating.

MDMA may indeed help treat trauma. However, using the substance as the go-to escape for pain may backfire. With the comedown from the MDMA peak, you can reflect on your relationships and evaluate the feelings you experienced during the MDMA trip. One of the advantages of MDMA is that it helps you to appreciate the beauty of community, socialization and friendly company.

The Effect of MDMA on the Human Brain

You must have heard of the term “Tuesday Blues.” This term stems from the use of MDMA and refers to people who take MDMA on Fridays or Saturdays and still have lingering effects till Tuesday. This effect results from the action of the substance on the human brain. MDMA increases the activities of three neurotransmitters in the brain: serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine.

In simpler terms, MDMA opens up the part of the brain that produces feel-good hormones such as dopamine and serotonin, and these hormones flood the brain, allowing the brain to take immense pleasure from the experience. This is why some of the effects of MDMA include increased sexual arousal, empathy, mood elevation and emotional affinity.

While all these effects are great, the downside is that the process depletes the quantity of these hormones in the brain. Therefore, when the pleasing effects wear off, the brain takes longer to produce and replenish the chemicals. The lack of these chemicals in the brain during replenishing causes moodiness, tiredness and depression.

As a general rule, the higher the quantity of MDMA taken, the worse the comedown gets. People who have pre-existing depression may suffer more unpleasant comedowns than others. This is why moderation is preached when taking MDMA. Eating well and sleeping more are also advisable to fast-track the process of clearing the lingering effects of the substance on your brain.

Also, you can avoid the grumpy feeling of Tuesday Blues if you combine a comfortable comedown environment with a responsible dose. Thus, instead of the unpleasant comedown, all you have is a light buzz from the MDMA, and you calmly descend from the high you enjoyed into your normal life.

As much as people attribute MDMA to parties and raves, and it has a reputation as a party drug, the substance has a clear psychedelic effect. It helps reduce the brain’s psychological and emotional barriers and allows for heightened senses. Also, when used as a psychedelic, it is used moderately, and there is no evidence that the moderate use of MDMA has any adverse effect on the brain.


In summary, MDMA causes intense psychedelic effects and an unpleasant experience, depending on how much you use. The combination of high dosage, bad adulterants and frequent use of MDMA can be deadly. It is important to note that it is not the high dosage of MDMA that kills, but the effects of the dose on the body. Side effects of MDMA at a high dose include:

  • Heat-stroke.
  • Hyponatremia.
  • Complicating pre-existing health issues.
  • Dehydration and adverse reactions from adulterants.

With a regular dose of MDMA, you may experience increased heartbeat, blood pressure, and body temperature, which are not harmful. However, a pre-existing health condition may exacerbate the condition and cause a medical emergency.

To avoid these unpleasant reactions, use MDMA in a safe environment, around friends, loved ones, or responsible strangers. Do not mix the substance with other drugs or stimulants and test the drug beforehand to know the ideal dosage. Take MDMA in the right dosage once in a few weeks, and ensure that you remain hydrated. Do not drink too much to avoid hyponatremia. It is also advisable to take a beverage drink to provide your body with electrolytes. If you already have a medical condition, it is advisable to stay away from MDMA, or if you must use it, use a reduced dose.

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