Six Integration Options for Ketamine Therapy

Six Integration Options for Ketamine Therapy - Buy Psychedelics Canada

First, it is important to mention that ketamine is not like conventional psychedelics. It does not give you the same high that you get with other psychedelics. Instead, you might feel separate from your body, and your limbs get numb. You might also relive an experience or start seeing geometric patterns more clearly. Finally, you may not feel anything or see anything. A ketamine state is only a pathway to psychiatric healing.

There is more to ketamine than the brief trip you experience when you take black market ketamine at a party or home. Ketamine therapy can help you achieve an excellent sense of spiritual and mental healing that transcends the scope of conventional or orthodox medicine. The things you need to take advantage of these impressive benefits of ketamine therapy include community support, a ketamine integration specialist, and a routine of practice with the therapy.

Six Integration Options for Ketamine Therapy - Buy Psychedelics Canada

How to Achieve Integration with Ketamine Therapy

The practice of using a legal psychedelic known as ketamine for inner spiritual and mental healing under the supervision of healthcare personnel is referred to as Ketamine Therapy. In this context, integration is the process of incorporating the experiences induced by the use of ketamine into your life plan. With the help of ketamine therapy integration, you can successfully change your behavior and habits.

For effective integration, you must start immediately after the ketamine therapy sessions. If you go back into your work or start pressing your phone after the ketamine therapy session, you may lose out on the beneficial experiences from the session. If you keep doing this long-term, you may fail to holistically benefit from your ketamine sessions over time. What this means for your mental health is that you may relapse and have your depression score back to the baseline by the time you are done with the session, which is usually four weeks. However, another research showed that you might be able to prevent relapse if you use talk therapy as your preferred integration tool.

The Need for Company During Ketamine Therapy

It is not advisable to go at ketamine alone. This is because it has opioid properties, which makes it susceptible to abuse. There is also the possibility that you feel bad in between ketamine therapies. Finally, you could also feel a sense of dissociation and sedation after some therapy sessions.

All these points to the fact that you need company around you during or after your ketamine therapy sessions. It is better if this company is professional so you can engage in talk therapy.

Strategies for Integration After Ketamine Therapy Sessions

Use an Integration Therapist

There is enough medical evidence to show a significant chance of accelerating psychotherapy and retaining its mental health benefits when you work with a trained guide. A report from a medical journal confirmed that ketamine therapy combined with talk therapy sessions is more effective in treating anxiety and depression than infusing ketamine alone. This is why people who use ketamine clinics and have access to trained experts get better results from their ketamine therapy sessions than those who do not.

Use Self Reflection

As much as you can benefit a lot from the support of others during ketamine therapy, you need to have some alone time with yourself, introspect on the experiences you had during the session, and pick out lessons from these experiences. This is an effective option because you have the best knowledge of your body, mind, and soul. You also had first-hand experience of ketamine-induced experiences.

Some personal activities that help with self-reflection include nature walks, journaling, and meditation.

Use Self Care

Self-care helps you to feel happy and promotes spiritual health, mental health as well as mind-body balance. All of these feelings are very important for ketamine therapy integration. While self-care is personal, and there are different options for different people, below are some of the suggestions that work for many people

  • Listening to inspiring music
  • Have a healthy sleep
  • Rearranging your stuff and clearing out the junk
  • Taking supplements as advised by doctors
  • Taking out time for lunch breaks
  • Getting acupuncture or massage
  • Engaging in spiritual or religious activities
  • Taking time off the internet or social media
  • Eating balanced diet

Use Fun Activities

By engaging in activities that bring you inexplicable amounts of joy, you can successfully integrate the teaching from your ketamine therapy sessions. With these fun activities, you can avoid doubt, worry, self-doubt, criticism, and rumination. Again, people have different activities that bring them joy. Some examples include creative writing, painting, dancing, engaging in practical tasks, seeing comedy movies, dinner dates, and socialization.

Move Around

Some medical studies have confirmed that exercise of any kind works as an antidepressant. It does this by increasing the blood flow to the brain and facilitating the production of serotonin and endorphins. You even get extra benefits of staying healthy and fit. With a more active lifestyle, your body can improve its mental health. Exercises you can try include yoga, biking, martial arts, walking, dancing, and swimming.

Talk About Your Ketamine Experience

You may need to find a support group around you to talk about your experiences during the ketamine therapy sessions. The ketamine clinic could help you with this. However, if you have family or friends who have tried ketamine therapy, you can also talk about your experiences with them. However, the truth is that there is a very high chance that you are the only one within your community of friends that have used or thought about using ketamine therapy. Therefore, talking about your experience with friends and family may not be as nice as you think.


There are many benefits associated with ketamine therapy. You get to enjoy these benefits more if you have a mental health condition. However, the best way to enjoy and get the best out of ketamine therapy is by integrating the lessons from the experiences into your life.

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