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Treating PTSD with Ecstasy

Treating PTSD with Ecstasy - Buy Psychedelics Canada

Defining PTSD PTSD, which is an acronym for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is a mental disorder that is triggered by past traumatic events that an individual has experienced. For people that suffer from PTSD, the main symptom is the recurring images or flashbacks from the traumatic event. Due to the distress and trauma caused by […]

Six Integration Options for Ketamine Therapy

Six Integration Options for Ketamine Therapy - Buy Psychedelics Canada

First, it is important to mention that ketamine is not like conventional psychedelics. It does not give you the same high that you get with other psychedelics. Instead, you might feel separate from your body, and your limbs get numb. You might also relive an experience or start seeing geometric patterns more clearly. Finally, you […]