A Review of Mindbloom’s Ketamine Therapy

A Review of Mindbloom’s Ketamine Therapy - Buy Psychedelics Canada

With the outbreak of coronavirus and the advent of telemedicine, a regulation regarding the usage and administration of controlled substances was also issued. This regulation has made it possible for Mindbloom, a ketamine clinic, to administer ketamine for ketamine therapy through telemedicine.

Mindbloom has been working on remote ketamine therapy sessions since 2019. This was made easy because video-led experiences were a crucial part of the service rendered by the clinic. Therefore, the psychiatrists from the clinic have handled and supervised many remote ketamine therapy sessions with zero adverse effects and positive outcomes. However, with these remote sessions, patients need to check-in in person before starting the remote session. But with the new regulation regarding mental health and the switch to telemedicine, there is no need for that. The new regulation states that anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, or other disorders can contact Mindbloom and have an interview connected via video chat. During the video chat, the patient is assessed, asked questions, and observed to determine if there is a need for ketamine therapy.

A Review of Mindbloom’s Ketamine Therapy - Buy Psychedelics Canada

If there is a need for ketamine therapy, Mindbloom sends ketamine tablets enough for four sessions to the patient’s house. During the sessions, the patient is advised to sit in a comfortable location within the house, near a rich source of light. The patient is also instructed to have a person around to look after them in an emergency. The ketamine tablet is taken after about 10 or 15 minutes, and the trip starts, lasting for about 45 minutes. The patient is expected to return to their normal selves after one hour or two.

During the experience, the client is guided and supported by the clinician on the other end of the video chat. There is also a web app that patients can use for guidance. The clinician is there to provide a personal integration session with the patient through video chat. Mindbloom is a leading ketamine clinic in the US with branches in Florida, California, and New York.

Because the antidepressant effects of ketamine could either take effect instantaneously or peak in days following the therapy session, Mindbloom keeps track of the patient’s development for some days after the session through the Mindbloom app. Medical literature suggests that the brain is in a plastic mode and can easily create newer and healthier pathways. As a result, the clinic provides a tailored and personalized treatment procedure that takes advantage of the state of the brain and helps the patient create a more lasting effect.


Ketamine started as an anesthetic in the medical world in the 1970s. It can allow for safe and pain-free surgery without reducing the blood pressure and depressing the patient’s breathing. However, when used in lower doses, ketamine can provide a psychedelic sensation and dissociative effect, allowing a detachment of the body from ordinary reality.

In this state, the body experiences a sense of insightfulness, openness, serenity, connection, and new perspectives. More importantly, the drug has been used to treat mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, and drug dependencies.

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